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Federal Agents Raid Virginia Carrier


Federal Agents Raid Virginia Carrier On Tuesday, federal agents raided a Mt.Crawford, Virginia, carrier.  Today, more information is coming out about what prompted the raid.

Since 2006, Beam Brothers Trucking has been under investigation by the feds.  According to WHSV, affidavits show that workers reported that their supervisors made them lie about the hours they worked and falsify or create new logs.

If drivers refused to falsify their logs, they were threatened with termination or their paychecks were withheld.

One witness claimed a supervisor “told him he needed to falsify his logbooks in order to receive his paycheck, meaning if he drove over the 11 hour rule, he had to make a new logbook and manipulate it to reflect 11 hours of driving.  The witness recalled a specific occasion when his paycheck was not direct deposited into his bank account.  One or two days later, he received a letter from Bean Brothers Trucking management at his residence, which stated he needed to falsify his logs in order to be paid…the witness stated that after he was involved in an accident, he called a supervisor and told him he was over his hours.  The supervisor instructed him to falsify his logbook.”

Seven witnesses complained to authorities that their supervisors made them lie about the hours they worked and falsify their logs.  Some employees even claimed they were told to destroy their logbooks when they arrived at their destination and fill out new logs.

This isn’t the first time the carrier has come under fire for HOS and logbook violations.

In 2004, Beam Brothers Trucking was fined $22,670 for 11 HOS violations.

In 2010, Beam Brothers Trucking was fined $31,480 for 23 violations of “false reports of duty status” and 16 violations for “failure to preserve driver’s records of duty status supporting documents for six months.”  Beam Brothers settled the charges and paid a $25,000 fine.

 To read the entire affidavit, follow this link.


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