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Feds Suggest Mileage Fees for Trucks to Fund Highways


Originally posted at Heavy Duty Trucking
Originally posted at Heavy Duty Trucking online.

Congress might want to consider a mileage fee for trucks and electric vehicles when it looks for ways to strengthen highway funding, says the Government Accountability Office.

GAO said that while privacy concerns and other issues limit the usefulness of such fees for automobiles, Congress should consider a pilot program to test them for trucks and electric cars.

The agency was responding to a 2011 request for an analysis of vehicle mileage fees from the House Transportation Appropriations Subcommittee.

The legislators’ concern arises from concern that fuel taxes are not producing enough money to keep up with the demands on the national highway system. Transportation experts have been suggesting for some time that as vehicles become more fuel efficient, a mileage-based system would be a better way to raise the needed revenue.

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