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FMCSA Announces New Unified Registration System


FMCSA Shutters Boston CarrierToday, the FMCSA announced it has published a final Unified Registration System (URS) rule that will combine 16 different forms that carriers, freight forwarders, brokers and other entities currently use to register or update their information with the FMCSA into a single, electronic form.

The new system was designed to increase efficiency by streamlining the registration process.  In addition, the FMCSA says the system will allow the agency to maintain more accurate information on the entities they regulate.

The URS will act as a clearinghouse on all entities regulated by the FMCSA, including motor carriers, brokers, freight forwarders, intermodal equipment providers, hazardous materials safety permit applicants and holders, cargo tank manufacturing and repair facilities.

“There are two effective dates for this rule. On November 1, 2013, (1) the new enforcement provisions for failing to file biennial updates according to the schedule in 49 CFR 390.19(b)(2), and (2) a prohibition on operating with an inactive USDOT Number will take effect,” the FMCSA states.

On October 23, 2015, the FMCSA will require all entities registering or providing information to the agency to do so through the URS electronic online registration process.

The URS will apply to all interstate motor carriers, both private and for -hire motor carriers of passengers and freight.

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