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FMCSA Issues Changes In Railroad Grade Crossing Regulations


shutterstock_5264719A new ruling has been issued over truck movements at train tracks.

Current Railroad Grade Crossing Regulations

The FMCSA as well as the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration will be publishing a joint file rule yesterday, which will amend the current rule. The new rule will prohibit commercial motor vehicle drivers and drivers hauling certain hazardous materials from entering a highway-rail grade crossing unless sufficient space is provided to drive through the grade without crossing or stopping.

In the United States, are over 21,000 crossings like the ones indicated in this rule. 

The PHMSA and the FMCSA reported that they expect there to be 2.62 fewer crashes, and .3 fewer train derailments per year due to this amendment.

Although the American Trucking Associations and public safety organization have requested the FMCSA and the PHMSA to post signage at the the crossings which do not have ample distance, both agencies responded that they do not have the jurisdiction to implement new signage.

This rule will go into effect 30 days after publication.



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