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Fourteen days on the truck & a proud trucker’s girl!


shutterstock_91321394By: Rebecca Ingram

At first when he told me he wanted to drive over the road I was not very supportive of his decision to do so. As time passed by, it got easier for me to support my trucker. I’m not sure if I’m the only one in this world has done that – but as of today I support him 105 percent!!!! We have been together for 3 years and he’s been trucking for 2 years.

I knew trucking was not easy, but until I went OTR with him for fourteen days I had NO clue about trucking (and I only have a general idea about trucking now). The things that I saw, the stories I heard from other truckers, the truck stop bathrooms/showers, the older truck stops, the lot lizards, how 4 wheelers drive around big trucks, the rain and fog, the curvy mountain roads, the traffic, cooking on the truck, etc. As I experienced these things, all I could think about is “how can he do this?” which I asked him several times and he responded, “Go with God and feel the road.” That brought tears to my eyes because I know it’s the truth, I said a prayer every time before we got rolling, thanked God every time we stopped, and even said a prayer in between those times!

To the 4 wheelers/cars: this is the experience I had from being in the truck. Give the big trucks rooms and stop cutting them off! The big trucks CAN NOT stop on a dime and need room to stop. I seen so many 4 wheelers cutting off big trucks and riding along the right side of us. If they only knew riding the right of a big truck they can NOT be seen. If a car needs to pass on the right side my advise is kick it and go just don’t ride along with the truck. Also, snapping right over in front of a truck is not very smart either. There is a lot of this going on the road. Cars – please take a little more time and give big trucks room, it doesn’t take but one second to be under the truck!

The “old timers” as my trucker called them, they have a special place in my heart – even though I do not know their names. I remember there was this one while we were at the Petro in Carlise, PA and the Pilot in Erie, PA. To these two men all I can say is – WOW! It broke my heart listening to them talk – especially in Erie, PA, he had me in tears! Seeing all the trucks in the truck stops in the morning as we rolled out, all the trucks lined up at the rest areas, and along the side of the road. – Every morning my eyes was filled with tears thinking about all the families that are missing these truckers! It takes a special kind of person to be a trucker and a strong person to support them! It’s a lonely hard world over the road. It’s so much different from home life.

The truck stop showers are not that bad, but it is NOT like your own shower at home!!!!!! I was happy when he would say, “We will be able to take a shower tonight!!!!” I didn’t realize until now that he does not get to luxury of showering daily because of having to stop at rest areas or Walmart parking lots.

Cooking on the truck that was a ‘WOW’ experience!!!!! – There’s not enough room to move around on the truck, and the the cooking supplies get near as hot as my stove. Though he did tell me that I do have more patience than he does when it comes to cooking on the truck.

I think going over the road with him did open my eyes to a lot of different things and it changed the way that I see OTR drivers. I have always given room on the road because 18 wheelers are so big and because their size has always scared me. I have always respected them, but going OTR has given me the utmost respect for drivers!!!! I think every spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend should ride along with their driver at least one time to experience their way of living. I will say the female drivers (which I have seen a lot) – my hat is off to you, I could not do your job. This experience I had with my driver was a very good one and I will remember it for a long time! I did enjoy it and I will do it again next summer.

To all the truckers and their families …. Thank you to the truckers for what you do and to their families for standing behind them and supporting them. – I feel like they need family supporting them.


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