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Freight Theft a Continuing Problem for Truckers


Originally posted at Heavy Duty Trucking
Originally posted at Heavy Duty Trucking online.

2012 freight theft statistics may be down slightly from the high point of 2011, but it’s clear that freight theft is a problem in the trucking industry that won’t be solved with simple solutions or technology. In fact, a new study by FreightWatch International says the problem will likely increase in 2013.

Freightwatch International says for 2012, there were an average of two and half reported cargo thefts each day and just over 78 every month. Of these, 760 were full truckload or container thefts, while 41 were less-than-truckload losses.

One concerning angle is that thieves are getting better at infiltrating the records and databases of some freight companies and creating false orders. Deceptive/fictions freight pickups skyrocketed, hitting its highest level on record, with just over 60 such incidents reported, an increase of 763% from 2009s level of just eight reported incidents.

The good news? Truck drivers are rarely physically hurt in cargo thefts. Physical confrontations and injuries are a factor in only around 2% of all cargo thefts.

Which six states accounted for nearly 80% of all US cargo theft in 2012?

  • California
  • Florida
  • New Jersey
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Pennsylvania

The hottest commodity for theft in 2012? Incredibly, it isn’t small, high value items like iPhones, laptops or designer accessories. It’s meat.

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