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Freightliner Introduces FIT System For Drivers


Fit System

Freightliner is making waves this week in the realm of driver fitness. On Wednesday, March 22 they revealed the very first OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in-cab exercise and flexibility system called FIT (Fitness In-Cab Training).

Due to the recent finding (from a study by The Journal of the American Dietetic Association) that nearly 90% of truck drivers are overweight or obese. –  Freightliner, as a company has acknowledged that driver fitness and health needs to be considered a factor in the overall cost of operating a truck fleet.

FIT is an easy to use body strengthening and conditioning workout tool which can be utilized inside of the truck’s cab. This system will be offered as a factory installed option in all Cascadia and Coronado sleeper cabs, and can be retro-fitted for Century Class and Colombia models.

As an added perk, this new system is designed to work in conjunction with the Rolling Strong driver wellness program so that participating drivers will have access to information regarding health, wellness, and nutritional information.

The Fitness In-Cab Training system features a tripple-grip handle which attaches to a band that is adjusted based on the desired resistance of the driver. With the FIT drivers can benefit from a full resistance-training workout using seat theaters and brackets attached to bunk restraint mounting points.

Freightliner’s director of product marketing stated that, “Healthy drivers are generally safer, more economical drivers, and the FIT System underscores our overall commitment to healthy trucking.”

The FIT can be purchased at RollingStrong.com.

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