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Freightliner Truck Is Big Screen Star In Upcoming Film


Trucking movie fans, get ready to add another truck to your list of most famous on-screen trucks.  A 2009 Freightliner Coranado is Freightlinersaid to have received a lot of on-screen action in the upcoming flick Snitch.

Snitch star Duane “The Rock” Johnson plays a dad who is trying to get his teenage son out of jail after he’s convicted on drug charges and sentenced to 10 years in prison.  In hopes of freeing his son, Johnson’s character makes a deal with the U.S. Attorney to become an undercover informant and go inside a drug cartel, risking his family and his life.

Snitch is based on the real life events.

The action-packed movie is said to have a number of scenes featuring the Freightliner.

Snitch will make its U.S. debut on February 22, 2013.  Will you go see the movie?






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