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Get the Band Together


By C.L. Miller

I got into a familiar chat with a veteran driver who was lamenting the loss of “the good ol’ days” when truckers banded together and were willing to help each other out.

He blamed the new generation of drivers, but I had to disagree.

It isn’t truck driving that has gone sour, it’s our society in general.

It used to be that all of us stopped to help a stranded motorist; we offered rides to strangers; we trusted others and were trusted in return.

Then someone exploited our generosity; we started keeping our distance; others backed off from us; the gulf widened.

Now we see a request for assistance as a possible hijacking; a hitch hiker is a potential threat; every stranger has an unpleasant agenda.

I don’t know how we turn this around; I’m not sure if we can. But once in a while, we come together and work out a plan that keeps everyone safe. We do that because we know, deep in our souls, that most people are good.

And, maybe, the next time we will step out and offer ourselves without fear; and maybe it will turn out all right, and we will do it again. And maybe the tide will turn.



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