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Get Caught Texting While Driving, Lose Your CDL


No Texting While DrivingIf the $2,750 fine isn’t enough to prevent CDL holders from texting while driving, the South Dakota Senate has just passed a new bill that would suspend a driver’s CDL, if he or she is caught texting while driving anywhere in the nation while operating a commercial vehicle.

Senator Mike Vehle told the Mitchell Republic that if the bill does not pass in the House, South Dakota will lose federal highway aid– 5% the first year and 10% each year after that.

“The CDL disqualification is sought by the federal government as a national policy. It could be a suspension, revocation or cancellation of the special license to operate commercial vehicles. “It’s not as if it just occurs in South Dakota, it’s anywhere,” Vehle said,” the Mitchell Republic reported.

The bill will now move on to the House for a final vote.  This is a developing story.  CDLLife will bring you more information and details on this story as they come available.




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