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Higher Tolls, Less Traffic For Pa. Turnpike


Higher Tolls, Less Traffic For Pa. Turnpike It may be common sense to some, but the Pennsylvania Turnpike Authority is reporting that they’ve seen a decrease in traffic over the last four years– about the time the tolls began to increase.  While many are pointing the finger at increased tolls, the Turnpike Authority is pointing the finger at the recession.

According to TribLive News, since 2009, tolls have increased 35% for E-ZPass customers and a whopping 71% for cash-paying customers.

As the cost of tolls has risen, the number of trucks passing though has fallen.  In 2008, more than 11,000 trucks passed through the Pennsylvania Turnpike a day.  Now only 10,000 trucks drive the Pennsylvania Turnpike each day.

“As of Sunday, drivers operating Class 7 trucks — tractor-trailers between 62,001 and 80,000 pounds — will pay nearly $145 to go between the Warrendale toll plaza in Allegheny County and the Delaware River Bridge in Bucks County, compared with $107 in 2008. Those paying cash will cough up almost $184,” TribLiveNews reported.

What do you think, drivers, is the decline in traffic a result of recession or tolls?   Do you factor tolls into your route choice?

Read more about this at TribLiveNews.




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