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How Often Do Drivers Receive Free Gifts From Shippers & Receivers?



Just how common is it to receive free gifts/products from shipping and receiving companies?

Although this type of exchange depends completely upon what type of freight a driver is hauling, and to where – it’s certainly a nice gesture, and most would agree that it should happen more often.

Here’s what we found out that some companies are doing for drivers after checking out a thread on The Truckers Report entitled, “What have you got from shp/recv?”

Jumbo: “Midwest Bottling used to have a cooler full of soda from busted cases, you could grab up to a six pack every time. Bought a case of king crab legs off a guy selling them at the Petro in Portage, Wi. Those were excellent.”

jess-juju: “21 Cases of Rich’s Cheesecake all different flavors, 5 cases of Chocolate cake, 5 cases of Red Velvet cake, 2 cases of cake donuts, 2 cases BBQ pulled Pork and 2 cases of Sarah Lee lunch meat..I only listed the products I liked oh and a pallet of Pineapples!”

AdamT2k: “I had 6 extra cases of frozen tilapia filets once, and could have kept it, but instead Googled a local food shelf charity and swung thru to make a donation. I would have been eating whitefish for years had I kept ’em.”

usatrucker01: “4 cases of toilet paper was the first thing i ever got…overage company told me to toss it…i spend a week with it in my sleeper…pain in the butt ,i didnt have to buy any for a few years. 2, cases of 4brothers Spaghetti Sauce realy only one jar was broke but they refused it. 2,cases of Chocolate pop/tarts (yuck) i have them to my nephew he was in hog haven (overage). 3 packs of kebbler cookies delv a load in PA, they unloaded me and came out with my biils and 3,packs of cookies..(very nice) i eat them all. hand full of wrigley’s gum same thing unloaded some corn starch there and with my bills they give me a hand full of gum, a 24 foot warner ladder (damage) sold at the truck stop 40 bucks”

PackRatTDI: “Ben and Jerry’s would give you a free pint when you loaded there.”

FLATBED: “1) Parking Spot 2) many Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner. 3) Coffee & Donuts 4) Hard hat 5) Work gloves and copveralls 6) Safety boot TOE shields 7) A CAT  8) ( 2 ) 50 LD bags of HI TECH Dog Food 9) (3) 5 gallon pails of Cat Litter to go with FREE cat 10 ) Truck and trailer wash”

Big Jay: “Quite a bit of fruit from out West. Tons of potatoes. BS’ing with the guys in North Dakota, found out I farmed and had livestock, Fed our hogs for butchering potatoes and apples one whole winter along with their grain. Softest pork I have ever had. Salt blocks. Dog food. Lots of stuff.”

Smaggs: “A loaf of bread from Sara Lee. It was still warm off the rack!”

48Packard: “$50 cash and some T-shirts in FL about a decade ago. They messed up loading me and had to off-load the whole thing and re-tag the cases. The owner was real cool, though. I think he bought me lunch, too… A half-dozen cases of paper plates last year. Kept one case….dropped the others off at a shipper with a huge breakroom…they were glad to have ’em.”

stlwaco: “A nice fleece half zip pullover, a few hats, several 2 liter bottles of pepsi, lunch (an account I was on would call me to see how far out I was. When I got there they would have gone and got lunch for them (only 3) and me)”

company man: “case of eggs a few hundred if I remember. Pork loin, orange juice, oranges, potatos, 6 pallets of carpet freshener and 4 pallets of dishwasher powder”

jbatmick: “1 pallet of canned dog food, 3 or 4 wall mounted medicine cabinets, coupla 5 gallon buckets of cake icing, several cases of damaged canned drinks, boxes of printing paper, half a pallet of salsa, cases of frozen chicken,and I don’t know how many smaller damaged cases of different grocery items.”

Panhandle Flash: “Gotta admit, I really don’t understand some of these recievers. Have given away damaged boxes of meat and veggies, all because a box has split a seam. Product inside is still good, plastic not even touched but……. At least 3 times now, I’ve wished for a freezer in my trk. Could’ve had meat for a year by now!!!”

Meltom: “I had a driver picking up the Regional Finals game floor and he got courtside tickets to a sweet 16 game. That was the coolest thing I’ve heard of.”

CondoCruiser: “I had a Smuckers plant give me 4 jars of peanut butter/jelly swirl. They gave the jars away that ddin’t have the perfect swirls to whoever wanted them. I can remember 2 cases of Vienna sausages. I haven’t had one since.”

MSheets: “A new Whirlpool washing machine, 2 pallets of Texas oranges about 50 cases, case of Jiffy peanut butter, 12 packages of chicken thighs, 2 cases of Bounty paper towels.”

kid_cardiac: “Ten of those vacuum-packed bags of Maxwell house coffee. I was headed straight home after delivery. Five went to my house, and five went to my girlfriend. She’s still working on finishing those bags of coffee.”

Winkjr: “I get sherbert water ice pretzels burritos anything my company makes that gets damaged stays on the truck. Sometimes I try to give it away.”

Pur48Ted: “I picked up a load of cased iris tubers (bulbs) for a Grand Rapids MI greenhouse one year. The owner gave me a tour of the plant and grounds while I was being loaded. After which he gave me a whole crate (apple box) full of a large variety of iris’. Some of them were being sold in the catalog at over $150 each.”

jamesgang: “12 cases of baby formula, sells for $120.00/case. Boss told me to pitch it in the dumpster. Kept it and gave some away at different stops but gave most of it to my daughters friend who had just had twins.”

TaserTot: “I used to be on a dedicated Kelloggs account. I’ve been able to take home cases and cases of cereal, cookies, cheez-its, etc. I also have had a few cases of juice given to me from a reciever that I used to go to all the time.”

double_r: “Bagels from a place in NJ that makes them. Candy bars from Hershey. A half case of eggs(lose) from a egg plant. A case of coffee(individual bags).Countless boxes of cookies and stuff from Stauffer’s in York. Case of cheese from Land o Lakes in NJ. Case was damaged. Case of spring water from a plant near Mountain top, Pa. Bundt cakes from BC Bundt”

BigKid2: “Got about 15 cases of Tide, about 50 cases of Hershey candy bars, 20 cases of Yoohoo and other stuff I can’t remember right now.”

Omniscient: “I’ve gotten too much to completely remember but I’ve gotten hats, shirts, pocket knives, some honey and some orange juice.”

Cudascious: “toothpaste, a broom, wheel polish, box of frozen buffalo wings, rug for my truck, a fancy coca cola rug, free cokes in new orleans, bunch of other odds and ends.”

marmonman: “Back when I pulled my refer I had 21 cases of bagels left over . Each case had 72 bagels in it !!!”

Have you ever received a gift from a shipping or receiving company? If so, what was it?


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