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If You Drive An “18-Wheeler”…Former Truck Driver ‘Hits Nail On Head’!


Commercial drivers can, and do experience certain circumstances and situations which can bring them under the most invasive scrutiny and unwanted attention one could imagine. This can be extremely ‘excruciating’ and has even lead to some drivers hanging up their C.D.L.’s all together. This is totally ridiculous, unfair, unwarranted, and in many cases “avoidable”. I believe many of the major headaches and hurdles (drivers face) boils down to, INFORMATION!!!

You know the (age-old) saying “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”? Well, this is poignantly true in the trucking industry! The more genuine and accurate INFORMATION that commercial drivers have at their fingertips, the more they are empowered to carry out and meet the obligations defined in their “job descriptions” as professional COMMERCIAL DRIVERS.

As a veteran C.D.L. driver myself, I made the decision a long time ago to do – within my power…whatever it takes to make a difference in the lives of fellow big-rig drivers. The BEST way I can describe what that decision has ultimately resulted in, is to suggest that people take a peek at a remarkable video clip recently posted to YOUTUBE:

Sit back, watch, listen, and I hope you enjoy the information provided!!! Please BE SAFE out on the roadways!?!?

Michael Crease


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