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Industry Opinions: Respect the Truck, Get My Business


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Originally posted at Today’s Trucking magazine online

This week Dan Dickey, an owner/operator in British Columbia, wrote about how he chooses his maintenance crews based on how much they respect his home on the road. Unfortunately for him, many don’t make the cut.

Dickey’s Peterbilt is a precision vehicle. Like any similarly priced high performance vehicle such as a Porsche 911 Turbo, or a Lamborghini Gallardo, it needs to be respected as such. His main point of the article drives this home:

“I promise, if you returned one of the vehicles listed above to its owner the way some people have returned my 2013 Peterbilt to me, it would be your last day working at any particular high end dealer or repair shop.”

Could the problem in today’s truck repair shop be that too many technicians are entering the field from training that only emphasizes skills, but no service? Hear the rest of what Dickey has to say at Today’s Trucking online.


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