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IRT: The Reality of Reality TV, Creating A Cast of Characters


IRT: Creating A Villain
Photo Credit: Dave Redmon

You can’t believe everything you see on TV, and you especially can’t believe everything you see on “reality TV,” says former Ice Road Truckers driver Dave Redmon.

Redmon began his three-season stint with Original Productions and the History Channel for season one of IRT: Deadliest Roads. Shortly after completing season one, Redmon then signed on for another season of Deadliest Roads.  After filming Deadliest Roads, Redmon was signed onto season 5 of Ice Road Truckers.

What started out as an exciting opportunity soon turned into a nightmare for Redmon.

In the second part of our 5-part IRT series, we take a look at how it all began.

The beginning…

Redmon says he was “discovered” from a video he had placed on YouTube. In the video, he was ranting about a former carrier he worked for.

The video caught the eye of someone at Original Productions who was looking for someone with an explosive personality, someone to create tension and drama, and Redmon fit the bill.

A talent scout contacted Redmon and conducted a Skype interview.  Redmon says he was on his best behavior for the interview, but that’s not the Dave Redmon the show wanted– they wanted the ranting, hot-headed, outspoken Dave they saw in the earlier YouTube video, so they called him back and tried to get him riled up.  It worked.  Redmon gave them what they wanted to hear.

The agent told Dave that if he moved onto the next round of “tryouts,” he needs to show that same level of intensity.

He did move onto the next round of interviews.  The interviewer referenced Redmon’s temper and asked him if his temper “was going to be an issue.”  Redmon replied that the circumstances would dictate his temper.

Bingo!  Redmon answered correctly.  The next day, the show called and said they wanted him.

Every story needs a hero and a villain. Little did Redmon know, the show had just found its villain in Redmon.

The show labeled Redmon as the “Alabama Slammer.”  Redmon would soon become one of the most hated reality TV show characters.
Stay tuned to CDLLIfe for the next part of our 5-part IRT series.

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