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Keeping Your Ears Healthy


Ear health isn’t something we think about very often. In fact, we don’t really do much of anything to take precautions when it comes to keeping our ears safe and healthy. If we really think about it, hearing is one of our most important senses – so why wouldn’t we be doing everything in our power to keep them safe? Find out how to protect your ears and avoid hearing loss.

Clean Them Properly

The key to the prevention of ear problems is cleanliness. The proper way to wash the ears is to thoroughly scrub the outer ear area, and behind the ear lightly with a little bit of soap, wipe away the soap with your wet fingers, and to thoroughly dry them after bathing.

Noise Protection

Noise protection is vitally important when it comes to ear health. Prolonged exposure to loud noises causes permanent hearing damage. Protect yourself by monitoring the volume of your music, shortening your exposure to sounds that are high decible, and investing in a good pair of ear plugs when you have to work in loud environments.

Decibel Levels Of Everyday Sounds

  • Jet engine (at 100 feet): 130 Decibels
  • Jackhammer: 120 Decibels
  • Rock concert: 100 Decibels
  • Truck (at 16 feet): 90 Decibels
  • Vacuum cleaner: 75 Decibels
  • Noisy restaurant: 70 Decibels
  • Normal conversation: 60 Decibels
  • Interior of typical urban home: 50 Decibels
  • Suburban street without traffic: 40 Decibels
  • Whisper: 30 Decibels
  • Rustle of leaves: 10 Decibels

Don’t Probe The Inner Ear

Contrary to what our mothers taught us, cotton swabs aren’t a safe thing for us to be putting in our ears. Nothing at all should be probed into the inner-ear area. Ears are self-cleaning, and the wax inside is there to protect the inner ear – so it’s best not to try and remove it.

Keep Them Dry

Many are prone to swimmers ear or ear infection. It’s especially important for those who struggle with their ear health to keep the ear canal dry – bacteria thrive in moist environments. It may be necessary to protect your ear while bathing. Always remember to completely dry your ears after they’ve been exposed to moisture.

Relieve The Itch

Some suffer from dry, itchy ear irritation. A great solution is to place a small drop of olive oil into each ear once weekly. This will alleviate the dry and itchy skin inside.


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