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Short Film: Life of an American Truck Driver


A student film maker named Nathan Wittmann decided to see what goes into a typical work day of an American truck driver. The subject? Nathan’s dad, David Wittmann.

David Wittmann is a company driver who is currently trying to navigate the web of regulation installed by the federal government during the last decade which limits hours of service, dictates truck speeds and more. Even in 2009, the regulation on hours was troublesome to him.

What’s on his mind? How he can provide for his family in what he believes is a slanted system against truckers. And recuperating from an accident that almost stalled his career.

He describes his career as something of a “love/hate relationship” with the trucking industry. He loves the fact that he’s been through every state in the continental US, but he wonders how long the job can remain profitable. He makes his money these days through an Iowa carrier called Barr-Munn. But he hopes to become an owner/operator if things go his way.


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