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Log-Hauling Driver Killed By His Rig



Update: It’s been determined that Morin’s truck was left in neutral before he started across the parking lot.

The breaks and other operations were inspected and deemed up to standards, and the truck had no safety violations barring a slightly under-inflated spare tire on the second axle.

The key was found to be outside of the vehicle at the time of the accident, and the loaded truck weighed in at a total of 60,000 pounds.

Morin’s 2-year-old Pomeranian was in the truck at the time of the accident, however it did not suffer any injury. The dog was taken in by Morin’s hunting and fishing companion.


Michael Morin, a 59 year-old Oakland truck driver was killed Monday morning when his rig rolled over him as he was crossing a Pizza Hut parking lot in Skowhegan, Maine. According to Police Chief Ted Blais, Morin was rushed to Redington-Fairview Hospital. However, he was unable to pull through due to the injuries that he sustained after one of the rig’s tires rolled over him.

The driver, and owner of Morin Tree-Length Firewood was hauling logs, and had stopped for lunch prior to the accident which occurred at 10:30 a.m. Blais said that the truck rolled down a small grade in the restaurant’s parking lot, and “as he was getting closer to the doors, his truck hit him and then struck the building.”

Had the building’s low roof not stopped the truck from continuing to roll, there’s a good chance that it would have continued into the cooking area. Fortunately, no further injuries were reported. – It is not yet known wether there were any witnesses outside of the restaurant at the time of the accident.

The State Police department is examining the truck in order to determine wether or not there were any mechanical issues.




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