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Man Who Killed 2 Truck Drivers To Be Executed


On Wednesday, at 6:10 p.m., the man who killed two truck drivers will be put to death.

On August 24, 1998 Douglas Feldman murdered two truck drivers, 45 minutes apart,  in Texas.

The incident began when Feldman was driving his Harley Davidson along U.S. Highway 75 north of Dallas when he says he was cut off by a truck driven by 36-year-old Bob Everett.

Feldman became enraged, pulled out his gun and began shooting at Everett’s truck.  Feldman then pulled up the the front of Evrett’s truck and began firing rounds into the cab.

Though Everett was shot several times, he was able to pull his truck off the road.

“I chased Mr. Everett down and I shot him to death,” Feldman testified. “I felt like I needed to stop that man.”

Eleven miles later, Feldman went back to the scene of the shooting to make sure Everett was dead.  That’s when he spotted Exxon driver Nicholas Velasquez, 62, delivering fuel to a Dallas gas station.

I exploded again in anger,” Feldman testified. “I drove by and shot him. It was just acting out. I felt emotionally compelled and consumed by anger.”

“I have found it quite pleasurable to kill those two men,” Feldmen stated in a letter.

At the trial, it took jurors only 24 minutes to find Feldman guilty of capital murder.

Fifteen years after the murders, Feldman will be executed by lethal injection for his actions.

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