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Maryland Walmart to Drivers: You Can’t Park Here Anymore


CDLLife community member Joni Lawson posted this letter on our facebook wall.  The letter is from Aberdeen, Maryland Walmart Store Manager Rob Witkowski.

The letter is being distributed to warn drivers they are no longer welcome to park on the property.

The letter states:

Due to continued destruction of our property, semi-trailer parking is not allowed on the premises. This includes all hours of the day.  

Violators will be ticketed by the local authorities or towed away at the owner’s or operator’s expense and liability.

Please call 410-273-9200 with any concerns.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation,

Rob Witkowski

Store Manager

Walmart Stores, Inc.

CDLLife spoke with Customer Service Manager Sandy (last name withheld), who confirmed trucks are no longer welcome to park on the property, though she said the restriction only applies to drivers parking overnight.  She said drivers who are shopping in the store are welcome to park for the duration of their shopping time.

Drivers, what other Walmart stores have prohibited drivers from parking at their facilities?

Thanks for the heads up, Joni!

NO Truck Parking
Image Credit: Joni Lawson



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