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MCI ‘Star Cool’ Refrigeration Container Put To An Interesting Use




Photo taken by MultiVu.com for MCI Containers

High-tech refrigeration containers are being utilized in an interesting, and relatively unconventional way. Maersk Container Industry’s Star Cool reefer trailers are being used in Lübeck, Germany, to conserve archeological artifacts on-site.

Recently an ancient wooden structure was located at the construction site of a new housing development. After an excavation of the site area was conducted, a storage cellar containing crops, hops, and cereal was uncovered. This cellar dates back to 1180, and provides insight as to the early production of beer in medieval times. “This basement is one of the largest and best-preserved medieval cellar constructions in Northern Europe,” says Maruchi Yoshida, an independent conservator associated with the Fraunhofer-Institute for Building Physics.

To prevent rapid decay and deterioration, the artifacts must be kept in a similar environment when it comes to temperature and humidity levels. – Who would have guessed that the perfect solution would be a reefer?

“Star Cool was chosen because of its extremely precise temperature and atmospheric control. Such precision is a must if you want to preserve sensitive cultural assets like wet organic structures,” says conservator Maruchi Yoshida who is associated with the Fraunhofer-Institute for Building Physics and Leibniz-Gemeinschaft to manage the reefer container project, ARCHe

This could mean new and incredibly interesting new business perspectives for the manufacturing companies of these trailers. The possibilities are endless, and these refrigerated units could be provided at virtually any location!



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