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Missing Driver: Kristie Bryan


Update: Earlier information that she had been found proved to be false. This is still an active alert.

Missing Driver

From the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network: “UPDATE 11/25/13: To clarify the “no approach” request. It is standard operating procedure that when a driver takes off with the truck, it is reported as stolen. We here at Missing Truck Driver suggest that NONE of you EVER put yourself into a position where you could potentially be harmed in ALL missing driver cases. It is best to allow the police to make initial contact. In this case, the no-approach is at the request of the Anniston Police Department.”

Driver Description:

Name: Kristie Bryan Date of Birth:  4/29/77 Driver’s Physical Description: White female…5’6″ thin build, usually wears baseball cap Long, brown hair Truck Description: 2004 Freightliner Columbia, light blue Plate number- AL10066397….DOT#532188/MC#219868 JD Burgess on side doors Truck number: 63

Trailer Information:

Trailer number: 5319 NO gps on Truck or trailer. Trailmobile dry van Plate number: AO27174 White trailer. JD Burgess on trailer

Known information:

Picked up Anniston AL  on 11/14 2013.  Driver was headed to Memphis, Tennessee. Last fuel Pilot t/s Memphis on 78 on 11/14/2013 at 2:30. Fuel cards off. IF Seen Contact Anniston Al Police at 1 -256 238-1800 and JD Burgess at 1-256- 831-1165

 Drivers, please read this! 

About Missing Truck Driver Alert Network:

The Missing Truck Driver Alert Network was founded in February 2012 following the disappearance of truck driver Mark Williams Sr.  Social media was used to get the word out that Williams was missing.  A fellow driver saw the post about Williams and was on the lookout for Williams and his truck.  Sadly, Williams was found too late.

The Missing Truck Driver Alert Network was born in the memory of Williams in hopes any driver who goes missing will be found before it’s too late. Truck drivers are the eyes and ears of the highway.  The Missing Truck Driver Alert Networkoperates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help spread the word to other drivers as quickly as possible when a driver goes missing. When a driver goes missing, Kari Fisher springs into action.  She begins collecting as much data about the driver as possible.  She phones law enforcement and the driver’s carrier.  Fisher works to get the driver’s picture and information distributed so that others can help search for the missing driver. “We make every effort to assist loved ones and friends in locating the missing drivers by working with the law enforcement agencies involved,” the site states. Mark William’s wife, Jonda wrote, “On February 4, 2012, Mark Williams, my husband, went missing.[I] called the police, but they keep puting me off, so I asked Kari and Lee Fisher for help . The Missing Truck Driver Alert Network come to life, and they found my husband. The outcome was not good; he passed away.  If i would of had them first, my out come could have been better. THE MISSING TRUCK DRIVER ALERT NETWORK HELP ME AND MY FAMILY AND HAD MORE DONE IN 24 HOURS THE ANYONE ELSE.” In addition to posting missing bulletins to their sites and others, the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network is working to develop a smart phone app that would alert users as soon as a driver goes missing. The organization that works hard for you now needs your help to continue.   You can help in a number of ways:Missing Truck Driver Alert Network Purchase a t-shirt for $10-$13, plus shipping.  Sizes S-5X available. Wear your support! Donate via Paypal.  You can make Paypal donations to [email protected] Purchase a window decal of the missing logo and its website are available. These are non-reusable window decals. Approx. 3 X 5 inches. Decals are $5.00 each. Paypal [email protected] and be sure to enter a shipping address. You can also help by being prepared.  Kari recommends all drivers: Always have a pic of your truck, truck number, dot #, mc #, vin # and license plate info and company name for a friend or family member in case you come up missing. A current picture of the driver.  Keep a copy of this information in your truck and leave a copy of this information with a loved one. Please help the organization that is looking out for you! 


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