Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 2.23.07 PMFeel like exercising some of your digital driving skills to pass the time? Check out Trucker: Parking Simulator – Realistic 3D Monster Truck & Lorry ‘Driving Test’ Free Racing Game, available on iTunes.


This game includes:

  • 72 career mode levels
  • 2 Vehicles
  • Free Drive/Sandbox Mode
  • Adjustable Angles (Including first-person and rear view)
  • 3 Objectives per Level
  • Extra Points For Perfection
  • Top Scores & Leader Boards
  • Analogue Wheel
  • On-Screen Buttons & Pedals
  • Manual or Automatic
  • Adjustable Steering Sensitivity


“I give it 18 wheels out of 18 wheels!” (Brad Nicholson @

“…interesting and complex game that can really suck you in.” (Tony Kousmin @

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