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Mobile App Review: UP By Jawbone


Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 10.58.00 AMHave you ever wished that there was someone there to slap your wrist when you’re eating unhealthy foods, and encouraging you to make better choices? UP by Jawbone is the perfect solution – minus the slapping part.

UP is a fitness system that uses a bracelet to track the sleep and movement of the user in conjunction with the application on an iPhone or Andorid phone. Here’s the skinny:

The UP bracelet tracks both sleep and physical activity which it then reports directly to the application on a mobile device. The app allows users to log their dietary information and track everything they’ve consumed to monitor nutritional information biased upon their daily intake.

With the information collected between the bracelet and the UP app, users are able to set achievable goals, utilize smart alarms, set ‘idle alerts’ to keep them moving, and socially share accomplishments.

Because of the close tracking that the system provides in addition to the timely alarm system – users begin to see improvement in sleep, physical activity, and diet. By making users conscious of decisions and activity vs. inactivity UP positively enforces the benefits of making good physical and dietary choices. It also creates a platform for encouragement and goal achievements by sharing accomplishments to Facebook and Twitter.

UP Screenshots1-01

Here are the details about the wristband itself:

UP by Jawbone


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