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Motorists Say Driver’s Actions Averted Disaster


According to JConline, the quick actions of a truck driver prevented a potentially fatal accident.

Last Friday, at approximately 8:45 a.m., on Interstate 65, just south of Indiana 43, Jack and Marilyn Davis’ struck a large piece of steel that was lying in the roadway.

The impact nearly paralyzed the Davis’ car, but they were able to pull it out of the roadway and onto the shoulder.

Moments later, truck driver Edward Simpson came upon the large piece of steel.  Acting on instinct, Simpson swerved to miss the steel.  That’s when he realized the Davis’ car was sitting on the shoulder of the road.

“I went on the shoulder and got back in the right lane, then I lost the steering,” Simpson told JConline. “Either a tire blew out or something broke. Then I lost it, slid down the highway. But I was able to miss them, luckily.”

Marilyn Davis watched in the car’s mirrors as the truck approach.

“I let out a scream because he was teetering,” she told JConline. “It was coming our way when I saw him. His truck went back and forth, and in the back and forth … it went all the way over then.”

Simpson’s truck flipped over and slid.

JCOnline reported that Brian Bonnem and his wife were driving a few vehicles behind Simpson and saw his efforts to avoid hitting the Davis’ car.

“At that point, he was just scrambling. I could see he had gotten on his brakes because you could see the smoke from the tires,” Bonnem told JConline. “It looked like the trailer started wobbling, and it pretty much went sideways and then flipped over and skidded to a stop.

“I got to give the guy credit,” Bonnem said. “I don’t know what was going through his mind, but I thought he did a heck of a job to avoid all the possibilities. It happened darn awfully fast.”

“All things considered, it’s pretty miraculous that nobody was hurt,” Bonnem said.


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