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Music: Get To Know Finger-Picking Solo-Guitarist William Tyler


Nashville-native William Tyler claims when he was a kid, he wasn’t interested in country or rock. Instead, he says, “My granddad had a lot of classical music, and I sort of inherited his taste for it.” Yet, this solo artist’s incredibly agile fingerpicking shows a great appreciation and love for the guitar tradition.

Tyler’s peaceful and melodic music has the ability to relax its listeners without putting them to sleep, and is great for quiet evenings and long drives. About his music, Tyler says, “I stopped writing words when I was about 23. When I write songs now, I imagine the words are trapped in a dead language, or an undeciphered alphabet.”

His second album, Impossible Truth, came out this year, which followed his debut album, Behold The Spirit. Let us know what you think about William Tyler in our comments section.



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