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New Bill Might Change the Way Log Trucks Are Weighed


Montana Law Would Affect Logging Montana State Rep. Pat Connell, R-Corvallis, has proposed a bill that would allow for log trucks to be weighed on short scales.  The law would greatly benefit the drivers at Ron Porter’s Porterbilt Co., Ravalli Public reported.

Under current Montana law, the log trucks have to be weighed on full scales, which means that drivers at Porterbilt have to drive an hour out of their way just to be weighed.

Porter says his company has a short scale and that his weights are only a few hundred pounds off full scale weights.

“In my opinion, this is just common sense,” Porter told the Ravalli Public  . “I don’t have a degree in science or physics to justify my rationale, but when you’re talking just a few hundred pounds’ difference, it just doesn’t make sense to put the public at risk or add additional costs.”

Porter said that other similar, small logging companies have small scales and face the same issue.

“The current state law has caused some problems with smaller wood products operations around the state,” Connell agreed.

Last week, the House Transportation Committee heard a reading of the bill, House Bill 157, but no additional hearing has been scheduled.

“The only person who is doing well by making truckers drive further to get their loads weighed are the companies selling diesel fuel,” Connell said.

Drivers, what do you think of short scales?  In your experience, are they as accurate?

Source: Ravalli Public 



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