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New Jersey Carrier Under Fire For Allegedly Forcing Drivers To Violate HOS


My Central New Jersey reported that an East Coast carrier is being accused of forcing its drivers to violate HOS regulations.

Ferraro Foods allegedly encouraged drivers to lie and forge their logs and often forced drivers to exceed the allowable driving time.

Last week, a whistleblower filed a lawsuit against the carrier with the Superior Court in New Brunswick

One individual (who requested that he not be named) was said to have been fired from Ferraro Foods when he suggested the company change its practice of requiring drivers to violate HOS regulations.

He claims that management officials, including the company’s owner, “reacted negatively,” “ostracized,” and ultimately fired him after making the suggestions, My Central New Jersey reported.

In addition, he claims that the company’s owner showed favoritism to whites and even allowed a white fork-lift driver and a white truck driver to keep their jobs, despite their positive drug test results, but fired black employees if they failed their drug tests.

The lawsuit alleges the company violated state discrimination and wage laws.

According to the FMCSA, Ferraro Foods operates more than 100 trucks.  Ferraro Foods operates in 16 states.


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