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Notorious ‘Trucker Spy’ Convicted of Attempted Second Degree Murder


Trucker Spy Going To Jail Joseph John Volpe, otherwise known as the “Trucker Spy,” may no longer be filming and posting videos of bad truck drivers, because he may be going to jail for quite some time.

Volpe is well known by drivers for his “Watch My Truck” YouTube channel.  On the channel, he posts videos of truck drivers behaving badly and even sends copies of the videos to the carriers.  Volpe has made it his life’s work to expose bad drivers and cast a bad light on the trucking industry.

Volpe did a majority of his recordings in and around Chickamauga, Tennessee.

On June 30, 2010, Volpe was driving slowly on the highway and recording truck drivers, when a truck driven by Bruce Johnson came up behind Volpe’s slow moving car.

A short time later, Volpe tapped his brakes.  Then, prosecutors say Volpe fired a shot into Johnson’s truck.  The bullet struck the driver’s head rest, narrowly missing the driver’s head.

This week, a Tennessee Criminal Court convicted Volpe of attempted second-degree murder.  He faces 8-12 years in prison.  His sentencing trial is sent for June 17.




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