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Ode To The D.O.T.


By C.L. Miller

It seems that many roadside inspections are conducted because DOT says, “Just Because We Can.” Those initials make the word J-B-W-C which in turn almost sounds like Jabberwocky– unintentional, but interesting.

Just Because We Can

A Poem (with all due respect, to Department of Transportation Officers):

‘Tis 5:00 a.m. just east of Memphis,

And the Weigh Station is open.

All mimsy are the Drivers

‘Cause that’s not what they’re hoping.


Beware the Level 1 Inspection,

Our license, our load, and our log book.

We feared the Just-Because-We-Can,

For all the time it took.


The Inspector came, light in hand,

Because it was too dark without one.

As he walked around our truck again,

We hoped we could finish our run.


While there beneath the truck he crouches,

He asks we step on the brake.

He checks the tires and looks at hoses,

And our hands begin to shake.


Then, the Level 1 is through,

The paperwork stamped and signed.

He let us go, and now we know

We can stay out of it next time.


So, Thou has passed thy Level 1?

Tell Dispatch, Safety, and be gone.

Oh frabjous day, the job is done!

And the window sticker is on!


It’s early dawn, still dark and cold,

But we will deliver on time.

And if the next blitz puts our truck on hold,

We can still write a pretty good rhyme!



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