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Officer Who Crashed Into A Truck Will Not Receive A Citation


Fairfield, Maine Police Department According to the Fairfield Press Herald, a police officer who hit a truck while doing a u-turn will not receive a citation.

The incident occurred on January 31, 2013, on Route 201 in Fairfield, Maine. While in pursuit of a speeding car, Fairfield police officer William Beaulieu made a u-turn into the path of a northbound truck driven by Michael Kresge.

Beaulieu had his lights on at the time but did not have his sirens on. He said he did not see the oncoming truck.

Deputy Attorney General William Stokes told the Fairfield Press Herald that no citation should be issued because there were no laws broken.  Beaulieu performed a legal u-turn on a straight stretch of road.  The issue, he said, is a liability issue.

“I don’t see this as an illegal U-turn,” Stokes said. “I also looked at the failure to yield, and that doesn’t really apply, either. I don’t see that there’s any traffic violation or infraction.”

Police originally stated that Kresge was uninjured, however, he sustained whiplash and has not been able to return to work.

Beaulieu suffered injuries to his head, neck and back.





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