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Oklahoma Sonic Wants Drivers To Know ‘Truckers Are Welcome!’


The SONIC Drive-In in Valliant, Okla., wants drivers to know, “Truckers Welcome!”

Tommy and Julie Dorries own the Valliant, Oklahoma Sonic location.  The two have gone to great lengths to accommodate truck drivers.  The Dorries say the town sees a lot of traffic from trucks.

The Dorries have had a special stall built to accommodate trucks.  The stall features a”Press to Ordrer” red button that has been lifted three feet higher, so that drivers don’t have to step out of their trucks to order.

The location now also features a large circle drive to allow drivers to get into the stall with ease.

“We have a lot of truck traffic in Valliant, so we wanted to make it easy for these drivers to enjoy SONIC as they pass through town,” said Tommy Dorries, owner of the Valliant SONIC Drive-In. “We probably have more than 20 trucks pull into this stall every day, and we’ve even fed entire ball teams pulling through on their buses. The drivers have been so appreciative, saying they’ve never seen anything like it!”

“We love what the Dorries have done in Valliant,” said Mike Gallagher, vice president of development and franchising for SONIC.

“We’re seeing strong demand for the SONIC experience in small towns across America, and we’re always looking for ways to creatively adapt our prototype to best meet the needs of the local community. The Dorries’ idea for a truck stall is a great example of that. At SONIC, we spend a lot of time talking to our franchisees because it’s often their ideas that drive innovation across the system.”



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