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Online Meal Planner: Eat This Much


Looking for a way to make dieting a little more simple? Eat This Much is an online meal planner that might be the perfect answer for you!

This website helps to determine the goals of a dieter with the help of a generator that calculates an ideal daily calorie intake biased upon height, weight, sex, age, percentage of body fat, and goals. Once the daily caloric intake goal is set, Eat This Much creates a meal plan specifically for the user!

Calorie Calculator

Users have the option to contribute a little input of their own when it comes to designing a daily menu. Eat This Much allows users to document food allergies, block items that they don’t particularly care for from the menu, and add any of their favorite foods. All menu items include a link the to the recipe from Eat This Much‘s library, as well as an approximate cost per meal, and a grocery list.


Keep in mind that this diet assistant wasn’t created specifically for drivers, and that not every menu item is something that could be quickly made in a truck. That being said, a driver could certainly make a multitude of the menu items work on the road – best of all, it’s free!

Give it a try, and let us know what you think of Eat This Much!


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