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Opinions: Baby Your Drivers, Don’t Treat Them Like Children


Today's Trucking Magazine
Originally posted at Today’s Trucking magazine online

This week Jason Rhyno at Today’s Trucking online had a few things to say about how increasing regulations are affecting truck drivers. He takes a strong standpoint about a few things, with a little bit of advice about what company owners can do to help boost morale while off the road.

The heart of the article is summed up in a single paragraph. And we doubt any truck driver would argue with his feelings on the matter.

“Government regulations coupled with new technology designed for safety and monitoring take responsibility away from drivers. Hours-of-service is the obvious “this is your bedtime”, increasing health requirements equal mom telling you to eat your brussel sprouts, cameras in trucks are akin to baby monitors, while other technologies, like active braking systems, take legitimate responsibilities away from the driver.”

What Rhyno is simply petitioning for is a little more legwork from the home office to keep drivers feeling “at home.” It’s not going to cost a whole lot at the end of the year and he believes it could actually solve the growing problem of retaining qualified truck drivers for the long term.

Read Jason Rhyno’s article at Today’s Trucking.



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