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Our Daughter’s Grade 8 Speech


A Truck Driver’s Life

By Chelsea Currie

Hey there everyone I’m back for another year…..ya it’s me Chelsea Currie, and I’m here to talk about my hero….my dad a trucker.

Dad has been a long haul trucker for about 6 years with H.A.T. Trucking out of Port Stanley, Ontario, which is owned by Art and Joan McNea, but leased on with Premium Transportation.

So, hey, the next time you see a 2006 Volvo that has Premium Transportation on the doors and truck number 1079, give him a big wave cause that’s my dad, and I am so proud of him.
I spend a lot of time in the truck during school holidays and summer vacation, and it is so great because I get to travel and see many different sites thanks to the many people who make this happen like Kevin and Mike Hogan owners of Premium Transportation and Jon one of the dispatchers.

But you know a day in my dad’s life– wow, I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Holly cow, talk about multitasking… well, that is a trucker for you. They are constantly engaged in critical situations such as road and weather conditions, traffic conditions, road construction, shifting, steering, braking, anticipating dangerous situations, communicating with other truckers via the CB, and speed control.

Oh wow, don’t get me going on this ridiculous speed crap of 105km/hr here in Ontario and Quebec. Who in their right mind came up with that hideous law?  Oh ya, our politicians.

Wow! What a danger they have put our Canadian drivers in when they go into the states. This speed limiter law should have been examined a whole lot more than it was. As my dad always says, they should educate not legislate. How true is that?

Hmmmmmm. Hello, politicians. I’m only in grade seven and I think it is the craziest law you have ever enforced. Do us all a favour, and hop in a big rig with a trucker for a week and then tell me who should have the limiters on.  My guess would be not the truckers like my dad.

There are so many car drivers out there that put themselves in harm’s way by swerving in and out of traffic, slowing down suddenly, failing to use turn signals, talking on cell phones and many more.  You are penalizing the truckers because of what inconsiderate car drivers or, as my dad calls them, 4 wheelers are the cause of.

Hey, when was the last time you saw a big truck stop on a dime due to a car slamming on their brakes in front of them or doing quick lane changes to get to their exits that are coming up?  Hey! I see it all the time when I’m with dad.

When was the last time you saw a big rig pass a whole line up of cars on the shoulder just because there exit was up ahead? Hmmmmm,  I haven’t seen it, but I sure have seen those crazy car drivers doing it, however, it is our truckers like my dad that are being penalized for it.

Wake up, Ontario Politicians, and go for a drive with a trucker and get your eyes opened up like I do every time I’m with my dad. It’s people like you, and all those crazy car drivers out there, that are making it hard for drivers like my dad to enjoy their jobs all these crazy and stupid laws. My dad works so hard and is happy at what he does and I enjoy going with him and travelling to see the sites thanks to Premium and Art and Joan I can do that.

As I sit here in the jump seat in the truck with my dad on our way to Georgia, or California–oh ya I got there this summer–I think: my gosh how does my mom do it? She’s gotta have a big heart to be left at home raising us three kids and seeing the love of her life rollin out the yard yet on another run.  Hmmmmmm, when will he be home? Will he be okay? Does she miss him ?  I can tell you, I missed her when I was in the truck with dad in the summer, so I can just imagine how much dad misses her.

Hey! That is another task truckers have to deal with the loved ones they leave behind everytime they head out on a run. Mom, I don’t know how you do it but ,WOW, you are amazing. I remember the day my dad brought a plaque that he bought at a truck stop home to mom. It made her cry because dad said when he read it, it really reminded him of her and all the support she gives him on a daily basis and all the crap she puts up with.

Well here goes, this is what it said:

To The One I Love A Truckers Wife
I must travel on the road
It’s the job I do
But even though we’re far apart
My thought will be of you
So keep the home fires burning
While the lonesome trucker roams
For I’ll be counting every mile
That leads to you…..and home!
Now you tell me doesn’t that one choke you up….it made my mom cry. Hey! I’m just as proud of my mom as I am of my dad who has so much to deal with when dad is on the road…..so it isn’t just the trucker who has a load to deal with, it’s everyone waiting at home for him to return safety.
Well, all I gotta say is, I’m looking forward to my Christmas break trip and many more summer trips with dad, and I know I can count of the dispatchers at Premium to make all my wishes and dreams come true.
And on a final note, let’s get together and congratulate each and every trucker out there who deserves it and give them all a big high five know, that you know more as to what they go through in a day and have to deal with.

Congrats to you all!!!

By Chelsea Currie


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