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Pharmacists Recommend Most Effective Over The Counter Products



Recently the Today Show looked to pharmacists to find out what the most commonly recommended, most effective, and most commonly positively reviewed over the counter medications really are.

Top 5 Recommended Over The Counter Products
Breathe Right Strips | Opens up nasal passages.
Lactaid | Makes dairy products more digestible for for those that are lactose intolerant.
Vicks VapoRub | A topical ointment which releases vapors that relieve a cough and other cold symptoms.
Imodium | An anti-diarrheal medication.
Debrox | Drops used for ear wax removal.

Other Highly Rated Products:

Eyes & Throat
Claritin | Allergy Medication
Sudafed | Relieves sinus symptoms.
Robitussin | Relieves cold and flu symptoms.
Cold-EEZE | Zinc lozenges which relieve cold symptoms.
Cepacol | Provides sore throat relief.
Chloraseptic | Liquid-filled lozenges, sprays, and strips which relieve sore throat and mouth pain.

Pain Relief
Tylenol | Pain reliever and fever-reducer.
Advil | Relieves pain and works as an anti-inflammatory.
Excedrin | Pain Reliever
Aleve | Relieves pain and works as an anti-inflammatory.

TUMS | Provide heartburn relief.
PrilocecProvides heartburn relief.
Imodium | An anti-diarrheal medication which provides gas relief.
Gas-X | Provides gas relief.

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