Recently the Today Show looked to pharmacists to find out what the most commonly recommended, most effective, and most commonly positively reviewed over the counter medications really are.

Top 5 Recommended Over The Counter Products
Breathe Right Strips | Opens up nasal passages.
Lactaid | Makes dairy products more digestible for for those that are lactose intolerant.
Vicks VapoRub | A topical ointment which releases vapors that relieve a cough and other cold symptoms.
Imodium | An anti-diarrheal medication.
Debrox | Drops used for ear wax removal.

Other Highly Rated Products:

Eyes & Throat
Claritin | Allergy Medication
Sudafed | Relieves sinus symptoms.
Robitussin | Relieves cold and flu symptoms.
Cold-EEZE | Zinc lozenges which relieve cold symptoms.
Cepacol | Provides sore throat relief.
Chloraseptic | Liquid-filled lozenges, sprays, and strips which relieve sore throat and mouth pain.

Pain Relief
Tylenol | Pain reliever and fever-reducer.
Advil | Relieves pain and works as an anti-inflammatory.
Excedrin | Pain Reliever
Aleve | Relieves pain and works as an anti-inflammatory.

TUMS | Provide heartburn relief.
PrilocecProvides heartburn relief.
Imodium | An anti-diarrheal medication which provides gas relief.
Gas-X | Provides gas relief.

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