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Closer Look: Plantronics Blacktop 500 Bluetooth Headset


Bluetooth Headset for Truck Drivers Plantronics

A good bluetooth headset with a powerful speaker and noise cancellation technology is nearly a must for any truck driver these days. Now that the federal ban on hand held calls is in full effect for truckers, spending a little more on a great headset is a good investment when you see the fines for breaking the rules. Ouch.

Our past review of the Blue Parrot B250-XT got a lot of truck drivers interested, so we figured why not do a closer look at the second most popular bluetooth headset, the Plantronics Blacktop 500.

One of the coolest features the Plantronics incorporates? They call it Smart Sensor Technology. This headset will sense if the headset is being worn to determine if the call should be sent to your phone or the headset.

The sensors answer the call if you put the headset on without you having to press a button.


What are the primary features of the Plantronics Blacktop 500 headset?

  • Noise-canceling microphone and powerful speaker deliver clear, precise audio to you and your caller.
  • Clip the controls to your shirt or belt and answer calls, adjust volume, or mute the mic without taking your eyes off the road.
  • Flexible, reinforced headband and cushioned earcup make it easy to wear all day
  • Internal sensors direct calls to your phone or headset, pause music for incoming calls, and let you automatically answer calls just by putting it on.
  • Attach the lightweight power cable to the in-car charger and never run out of talk time while you’re driving. Cable can also be used with PC for Internet chat or movies in your down time.
Bluetooth Headsets for Truck Drivers Plantronics
The Plantronics Blacktop 500 Bluetooth headset comes with a speaker cable that can be connected to your computer for Skype calls as well.


Bonus Features included with the Plantronics Blacktop 500 – it helps you do more than just take calls on your mobile phone or tablet. The Blacktop 500 includes the A2DP Bluetooth profile, enabling you to stream music, podcasts, GPS directions, and other audio. You can also check the headset’s battery level from your iPhone or iPad.


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