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Poor Hand Washing Habits Lead To Food Borne Illness


It’s gross, and more than likely is one of those things you’d just rather not know. – But protecting yourself from bathroom germs, especially while out on the road is really important.

According to the Journal of Environmental Health, only 5% of people in bathrooms wash their hands effectively enough, and long enough to kill germs.

The same study found that 15% of men didn’t bother to wash their hands at all – and only 50% of those that did actually used soap. – Disgusting, but not your problem – right? Wrong.

Food-borne illness is transmitted – mostly due to the use of bathrooms. – That’s how fecal matter makes it into your food, into your body, and causes you illness.

Washing your hands with just water wipes out 20% less germs than using hot water and soap. – Although, using just water and toweling dry is twice as effective as skipping a hand washing all together.

So how do I do it?

Wash for 15-20 seconds, focusing on your fingertips and underneath your fingernails.


When do I do it?


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