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Pork Roast Perfection


By: Janet K

I have to say the easiest thing I have ever cooked in the truck thus far has been a hot, juicy, fork-tender pork roast!

Some people might think that there is no way to cook something like this without the convenience of a crock pot, or an oven at home in your kitchen. But, that is very far from the truth.The same delicious result can be achieved in a semi with a Burton Stove!

On my weekly Wal-Mart trip, I was walking around looking for something cheap and easy – we are still talking about food here – to cook. I wandered to the meat case, and noticed that most of the items were packaged too large or too numerous for our needs. What would someone who is riding around in a semi do with 10 pounds of ground beef or 20 pork chops?

– I don’t know either! So I moved on until I found what I thought would be the perfect fit for my new best friend, the Burton Stove. I singled out a one and a half pound pork roast. This baby was not too big, or small. It was just right. Along with being just the right amount for me and my husband to enjoy.


This roast was already perfectly seasoned, which was a huge plus. Seasoning this roast would be one less thing I would have to worry about at preparation time. When I was ready to cook my pork roast, I cut it into four pieces so that it would fit into the aluminum pan. My husband and I were concerned that the pan may burn on the bottom while cooking for so long. So, he took three pieces of aluminum foil and made “rollers” if you will for the pan to sit on while cooking. This holds up your meal just enough that it isn’t sitting flat on the inside surface. We have never had a problem with burning, but did this as a precautionary method. I covered it tightly with foil, and that’s it my friends! – I let it cook for four hours, we took the roast out and it was so tender,that it even surprised me! My Burton Stove does not have a temperature button, but it cooks at 300 degrees.

Keep in mind that this is definitely something you would have to start cooking earlier in the day, to assure it is done by the time you are parked for the evening and ready to enjoy your “semi-home cooked meal.” I also made Stove-Top Stuffing and green beans to go with this tasty treat which took me a matter of a few minutes. – My husband was in heaven! You could just as easily grab a pack of buns and have sandwiches if you did not want to make side dishes. I hope you all enjoy this and even try it for yourself, if you haven’t already!


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