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Portable Exercise Equipment for Truck Drivers


Healthy Trucker Online
Originally posted at The Healthy Trucker.

This week over at Healthy Trucker, fitness expert Hannah McIntosh went over a few real exercise equipment options that truck drivers could easily store in their cabs until go time. It’s not exactly the crazy contraption that Sylvester Stallone* was sporting in the king of all arm wrestling pictures “Over The Top” but more like some small, versatile weights and resistance units that don’t take much space or weigh a whole lot.

It’s easy for truck drivers to fall under the spell of “miracle equipment” or tools that claim to “Do it all” only to find out that it’s just another piece of cheap junk. Hannah was smart enough to list some certified quality workout tools, why you should use them and what muscles they exercise.

Head over to Healthy Trucker to read Hannah’s article on truck driver fitness tools.


Here’s a quick guide to the equipment she recommended.

* – Oh, we’re sorry. We figured you MUST have seen the training montage from “Over The Top” (the king of all arm wrestling movies, remember) set to an oh-so-80s rock ballad by Kenny Loggins. You’re welcome.

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/rdZVWeA7a-Q” playlist=”Over the Top 1987″ title=”Truck%20Driver%20Movies%20Over%20The%20Top” width=”460″ height=”330″]


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