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Publix Truck Driver Saves Florida Woman From Canal


Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 8.54.40 AMIn case of broken link, view the newsreel here.

Rod Retana, a Florida delivery truck driver heroically saved a woman from Miramar canal on while on his morning shift yesterday.

Retana said that he just did what anyone else would have done after the 22-year-old crashed her car and ended up in the canal.
According to Retana, “I made a right on [Palm Avenue] and noticed a car up against the guardrail, so I decided to stop and call it in to the police.”

When he was looking for a street sign to inform the dispatcher, he heard cries for help inside of the canal. When he saw the woman, he noticed that she was going under. She resurfaced crying that she couldn’t swim and asking for help.

The driver didn’t hesitate, dropping his Bluetooth, glasses, phone, and wallet – he jumped in after her. He was able to pull her out onto the embankment an waited with her until police arrived.

After saving the woman, and informing the police of the events, Retana climbed back in his truck and continued his delivery – wet clothes and all.


NBC Miami


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