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Questions to Ask a Carrier During the Hiring Process


Originally Posted at Team Run Smart
Originally posted at Team Run Smart

This week Caitlin Kathey went over the delicate process of getting hired by a carrier and avoiding numerous pitfalls. What type of questions can you ask them? We’ve featured a story that details what they can’t ask you. But Kathey created a pretty comprehensive list for when it’s your time to direct the interview.

Starting a new job can be stressful. Starting a new truck driving job can be even more so. Many times truckers will switch jobs because they can’t get enough miles, meaning their bank accounts are already low and something has to happen quick. This article isn’t really about jumping to a new job to pay the bills, but more about finding the very best carrier where you fit in perfectly.

Before you go to interview with the carrier, you can also check their CSA rating by following these instructions.


So what are some of the big questions to ask a carrier during the hiring process? It’s a mix of subtle, simple and direct questions that are designed to protect your best interests, but give the impression to employers that you’re not asking for the silver platter either.

  1. What are your freight cycles? Are miles consistent throughout the year?
  2. How much deadhead can I expect?
  3. What is your stop pay, detention pay, or other assessorial pay?
  4. Do you have dedicated runs?
  5. Do you have a purchase program for tires and parts?
  6. Is your operation drop and hook?
  7. Do you ever force-dispatch owner-operators?

There are many more in Kaitlin Cathey’s article at Team Run Smart. Head over there to read the rest and why you should ask.

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