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Ray LaHood Staying or Going?


Ray LaHood While Ray LaHood suggested in his Fast Lane blog that he’d like to retain his position as Secretary of Transportation– even though in 2011, he said he wouldn’t seek a second term— news outlets are now reporting that he may be on his way out.

Excerpt from LaHood’s blog:

Last week, a new year kicked off here in Washington, DC, with the swearing in of the 113th Congress. Now, new Representatives and Senators will join their returning colleagues from around the nation to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing America today–including transportation. As Secretary of Transportation, and as a former U.S. Representative from Illinois, I congratulate all of them and wish them great success as they take up their important work.

In addition to congratulating the 113th, I also want them to know that I look forward to working with them to address our national transportation priorities.

On January 9, 2103, Obama’s picks for second-term cabinet members were announced but LaHood’s name was noticeably missing from the list.

President Obama has been criticized for having a “white, male cabinet.”  While  LaHood has earned top marks from Obama for the work he’s done on MAP-21 and calling attention to distracted driving, some are speculating that LaHood’s ethnicity, gender and party affiliation may work him.

“He is definitely leaving office — perhaps in the next few months,” a top Obama administrator told Sun Times reporter Michael Sneed.

In December, LaHood told The Hill, “I had one meting with the president and he’s a little bit busy now, but we’ll get back together sometime early next year and we’ll continue our discussion.”

Those who are speculating LaHood may soon be on his way out are also guessing who would take his place. Sen. Dick Durbin, Bill Daley and  former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm have all been named as possible replacements.

Don’t count LaHood out, says Tanya Snyder, who writes a writes a Capitol Hill blog.   In response to LaHood’s name not being listed as a second-term cabinet member, Snyder wrote, “….the fact that LaHood was left off one, admittedly unofficial and not comprehensive list of returning Cabinet members, sources inside U.S. DOT say there’s no news. The last we heard — last month — LaHood was still waiting for the end of the fiscal cliff negotiations to sit down with President Obama and figure out whether he’d be staying on.”

Do you think LaHood should be replaced?  If so, with whom?









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