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Recognizing Stroke Signs & Symptoms



This week we’re recognizing women’s health initiatives, and today we’re talking about the signs and symptoms of a stroke – in both women and men.

A stroke is the term that defines an attack which specifically targets the brain cells. This attack can be caused by any sort of condition which restricts blood flow to the brain.

When it comes to strokes, it’s imperative to recognize the signs and quickly react to them. The most common stroke symptoms in both men and women are as follows:

As you may – or may not know, there are also unique symptoms of strokes in women specifically. The onset of the following signs is typically very sudden:

A quick reaction that the National Stroke Organization refers to as, “F.A.S.T.” is vitally important to the well being of a stroke victim. There are effective treatments called “clot-busters” available to those that have had a stroke, but these medications are only available if the stroke has been diagnosed by a medial physician with in three-hours of its occurrence.


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