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Retired Truck Driver Wins $250K Lottery, Accidentally Trashes Ticket


Truck Driver Wins LotteryRetired truck driver Kenneth Lund got lucky not once, but twice.  He won the lottery but accidentally threw away his ticket.

Lund purchased a lottery ticket from the Countryside Convenience truck stop in Lennox, South Dakota, his daughter works at.  While he was there purchasing the lottery ticket, he scanned a previous lottery ticket to see if it was a winner.  The scanner read “Sign Your ticket,” so Lund thought that meant the ticket wasn’t a winner.

Leaving the truck stop, Lund threw the “non-winning” ticket in the trash.

“I ran it through the ticket checker and it said ‘sign your ticket’. My vision’s not what it used to be; I thought it wasn’t a winner. So I dumped it in the garbage, bought a Powerball ticket and went home,” Lund told Brandon Info.

Later, his daughter called and inquired about his ticket.  He told his daughter what the scanner had said and she told him to go back to the store and retrieve the ticket from the trash, because his ticket was a winner.

“So I drove the six miles back to Lennox, went to the wastebasket and there was my ticket, right where I’d left it,” he said.

Lund retired after driving a truck for 40 years and says he’s always purchased lottery tickets.  He noted that the winning ticket probably helped him “break even.”

What does he plan to do with his winnings?

“I’ll probably buy a new pickup,” Lund said.



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