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Roadcheck 2013 Begins Today!


Roadcheck 2013 begins today.  This year’s Roadcheck is scheduled for June 4-6.

Roadcheck is the largest targeted enforcement campaign on trucks and buses.  Each year, more than 1,000 trucks and buses are inspected each hour, for a 72-hour time period.

Inspection stations are set up throughout North America, from Canada to Mexico.

Last year, 74, 072 trucks and buses were inspected.  A historically low number of trucks and drivers were placed out of service: 22.4% of trucks and 3.9% of drivers were placed OOS.

Roadcheck 2012 focused on braking systems and HOS.

Roadcheck 2013 Coming Soon!

Roadcheck 2012 Facts:

74,072 CMVs were inspected

625 passenger carrying vehicles were inspected.

15.6% of Hazmat trucks and 2.3% of Hazmat drivers were placed OOS.

27,000 CVSA decals were issued to trucks with no violations.

Top Violations:

  1. Operating Vehicle Not Having The Required Operable Lamps
  2. No/Defective Lighting Devices/Reflective Devices/Projected
  3. Tire—Other Tread Depth Less Than 2/32 Of Inch
  4. Oil And/Or Grease Leak
  5. Clamp/Roto-Chamber Type Brake(S) Out Of Adjustment
  6. Inspection/Repair And Maintenance Parts And Accessories
  7. Operating A CMV Without Periodic Inspection
  8. No/Discharged/Unsecured Fire Extinguisher
  9. Failing To Secure Brake Hose/Tubing Against Mechanical Damage
  10. Inoperative Turn Signal

Source: JJ Keller

Follow this link for the Roadcheck checklist.

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