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Save Money and Maintain A Healthy, Balanced Diet By Eating Out of Your Truck


Wow! Thank you so much! You guys are amazing, ever since I posted yesterday my article about saving your hard earned money by cooking on the truck, I have got so many messages on my Facebook page from truck drivers who are interested in losing weight and cooking healthy.

I am so humbled by so much positive response! Thank YOU!

After being very successful saving a lot of money by buying my own groceries and cooking experiences on the truck – I am more than happy to share my recipes and ideas and experience with you.

I am also a very frugal person, instead of buying unnecessary utensils I try to use what I got on my truck. A bowl to mix salad? Don’t need that, I just cut off the top of an empty gallon water bottle and I can toss in and mix whatever I want. Even cleaning fish or storing pasta is possible. A glass for dessert? Nope, I don’t need to clutter up my truck and sleeper. I simply cut off the top of a smaller empty water bottle and fill my tiramisu, pudding or cake in. Come on my page and follow my tips if you are interested how to simplify your life on the truck.

I share daily tips on my page to save money, old natural remedies and handy tips.

You can find me on facebook under “The honking mangia mamma The mediteranean Trucking Chef”

I show daily my breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes.

For the ones who are not on facebook – I will show today my recipe for yummy hot apple slices coated in pancake mix. Very easy to prepare and very tasty – less calories than waffle house or lots of pancakes with syrup.

Cut 1 apple horizontal in slices, (thicker slices)
Prepare some pancake mix with water, depending what kind of you buy.
Heat up the griddle and put some butter on it. Add the apple slices and let them heat up from both sides about 2 min.
Take the apple slices off the griddle and dip them into the pan cake mix. Place the coated apple slices on the griddle and bake them from both sides till they have a yummy golden color.

Serve the apple slices on a plate with your favorite jelly, I love mine with my homemade plum puree. Sprinkle some sugar and lots of cinnamon on top and enjoy. Maybe a bit of honey and you are all set


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