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Scania Releasing New Truck Driving Simulation Game


Trucking Simulation Game by Scania
Buy Scania Truck Driving Simulator at Amazon for $29.

Trucking companies are trying different things to get young people interested in a career in truck driving these days. It was only a matter of time before a well-known brand of truck tried this method.

Scania is one of the largest heavy-truck brands in Europe and employs nearly 40,000 people worldwide. The brand enjoys a healthy following of truckers who love to customize Scania trucks for shows and conventions.

Still, the truck manufacturer is invested drawing the interest of young people toward a career in trucking, so they’ve come up with a way to appeal to their minds as well as their reflexes – a realistic truck driving video game.

The game is called Scania Truck Driving Simulator, created by SCS Software. It was first released in 2012, but will be getting an update very soon for 2013. The game is full of challenges, as you are required to park and drive many types of trucks in some difficult circumstances, covering some crazy courses to reach your goal, as quickly as possible while avoiding penalty.

The game tests you on a great variety of challenges that include navigating sharp turns on a high mountain road to navigating a dangerous flooded street. Each challenge and mission increases your skill and allows you to learn important trucking maneuvers that will let you understand the precise movements needed for driving through areas that are not particularly truck-friendly.

You’ll be able to obtain your license by performing a selection of driving tests. You can be measured on your reaction time for emergency breaking and completing dangerous truck routes.



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