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Sheriff Rations Toilet Paper To Inmates


shutterstock_93552934Think you’ve heard it all? – Get this:

The Sheriff of Sedgwick County, Kansas has announced that the inmates of the Sedgwick County Jail are using entirely too much toilet paper. According to Sheriff Easter, his office is spending $100,000 on toilet paper annually. By rationing the inmates to one roll per week he plans to cut spending in half – to $50,000 each year.

It’s not as bad as it might sound, extra rolls will be available to inmates for purchase at $1.18 per roll at the commissary. It was also stated that exceptions would be made for those who are ill.

It was also made clear that there are other reasons – besides the cost of toilet paper that he decided to ration the supply. According to Easter, the inmates are known to use rolls of tissue to plug toilets, cover vents, and seal doors to absorb the scent of tobacco or marijuana. – Not only are these practices illegal, but they are also incredibly wasteful.

By the way, the sheriff said, the jail uses Charmin. “It’s good quality toilet paper,” he said.

What do you think? Is the rationing overkill and unfair to the inmates, or awesome because it’s costing taxpayers $50,000 less?



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