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SLEEPTITE InCab Security System For Drivers


In recent times, the crime rate against OTR drivers have significantly increased. Most fleet trucks tend to be keyed identically, and universal locksmith kits are available to the public. In other words, sometimes the locks on your doors might not be enough to keep you safe. This prompts us to wonder, what can be done to keep drivers safe?

The SLEEPTITE InCab Security device has been created by a driver to serve as a deterrent to theft by preventing tractor doors from being opened from the outside. This greatly improves cab security – especially while the driver is sleeping. This security system has been manufactured to meet both FAA and DOT standards, collapses easily for portability. It’s also manufactured in the USA!

This device utilizes tension to keep both truck doors closed, and is activated by a simple flip of a handle lock, and secured by a pin. There are small paddles extending from each end which securely seat themselves between the door panel and window. Once the pins have been secured in place, the doors cannot be opened. The device is completely adjustable, and can fit into any size cab.

This device also features a quick-release locking mechanism, which is activated with a push of a handle which lifts the pin out of the hold for an easy disengage. The device has been specifically designed to be simple to deactivate in the event of disorientation, low visibility, or medical emergency. It’s also collapsible – which allows for compact storage.

This product, originally $249.95 is available for $50 off through September 30th with the promotional code SLPTITE – now’s the time to buy!

Contact 877.799.2291 with questions about SLEEPTITE InCab Security.


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